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152 - Mick Sworder

7 October 2010

The Appeal hearing for this case was held on 7 October.

The original decision of 9 months was upheld, however the remaining period (deemed as 7 months) is now to be suspended, until 8 May 2011.  Hence, Mick Sworder may therefore return to racing with immediate effect.

The 9 month ban consists of both a technical nature of illegal ballast and bringing the sport into disrepute.

The remaining 7 months of the ban will be wholly suspended and will automatically be invoked (in full) if the appellant is found to bring the sport into disrepute within the suspension period, irrespective of how long there is remaining of the suspension.  Any other types of indiscretions will not automatically invoke the 7 month suspension.

20 August 2010

On 8 August, 152 Mick Sworder was found to have had approximately 9kg of bolt-on ballast in his car, in contravention of rule 202.

This was his second offence of this nature.

He has been suspended from racing for a period of nine months.

He may return to racing on 9 May 2011.

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