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321 Marcus Skeels, 413 Richard Rayner, 414 Josh Rayner

Following an incident at Skegness on 31 May 2018, 321 Marcus Skeels, 413 Richard Rayner and 414 Josh Rayner were suspended from racing, and reported to BriSCA F2 for a Disciplinary Hearing.

The Hearing was held on 27 June 2018, and all three drivers were permitted to return to racing with immediate effect.

All three drivers were given a six month ban, suspended for two years.  The purpose of the ban is to make sure the drivers respect each other on the race track, and avoid any confrontations or threats against each other for a long period. Should any offence be reported and proven over that two year period, which involved any of the three drivers,  then this ban will automatically double to 12 months.

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