2017 World Championship Result Confirmed

Following extensive review by BriSCA F2 on a number of technical issues, the result of the 2017 World Championship, staged at Kings Lynn on Saturday 9 September, is confirmed as follows:

1st        H124     Wim Peeters

2nd       7          Gordon Moodie

3rd       226       Billy Webster

4th        298       Jake Walker

5th        101       Kelvyn Marshall

6th        905       Rob Mitchell

7th        886       Chris Bradbury

8th        700       Adam Rubery

9th        H154     Kay Lenssen

10th      301       Charlie Whitfield

·         BriSCA F2 unanimously agree that the cylinder-head bolts of the 1st placed car of Wim Peeters do not conform to the 2017 BriSCA F2 rulebook. However, widespread examples have been unearthed of perceived accepted practice in their use by other drivers/engine-builders across the UK and the Netherlands, and additional sufficient doubt cast over the legality of some other cylinder-head fixings now known to be in widespread use.

·         BriSCA F2 agree that, in relation to the offset position of the engine within the car of Wim Peeters, the wording of rule 230.4 has been shown to be slightly flawed. Therefore, a sufficient lack of clarity means that pursuing a disqualification based on the observed offset measurements is not in the interests of BriSCA F2 as a whole.

·         Further information for drivers, car-constructors, and engine-builders will be published in the near future.

·         BriSCA F2 acknowledge the patience of the drivers and teams involved during the resolution of this complex matter.

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