2019 World Semi Finals

BriSCA F2 Semi Finals - Scrutineering

  • Initial inspection of the camshaft timing on the car of 418 Ben Borthwick appeared to indicate an irregularity with the camshafts not being timed together.
  • As BriSCA F2 tries to do in any such cases, the driver was afforded the opportunity to work with the scrutineering team to double-check any observations, inspect for damage, and/or determine the cause of the irregular observations/measurements.
  • In this case, some minor damage to the timing grooves at the rear of the camshafts was observed - though not accounting fully for the irregularity.
  • Unfortunately, a mistake by the scrutineering team led to the situation being compounded by the discovery of an under-torqued pulley bolt; an issue that (a) could have feasibly resulted in a change in timing under load, and (b) prevented further reliable checks or a recheck from being carried out.
  • In this case, the position of the camshafts could neither be declared legal to the regulations, nor illegal, only that an unfortunate honest human error prevented a sound decision from being made.
  • In such cases, the decision must fall in favour of the driver, and therefore no further action was taken (other than to complete all other technical checks, including the removal and inspection/weighing of the BriSCA/SSCA spec. flywheel, and a check of the standard ECU wiring harness).
  • Drivers are reminded that on the Zetec engine the camshafts MUST be timed together as per the regulations. This incident in NO way permits the independent timing of the Zetec camshafts.
  • Lessons will be learned from this case ahead of future checking; in particular next month's World Final being staged at Buxton Raceway.
  • Autospeed/BriSCA F2 wishes to acknowledge 560 Luke Wrench, 315 Justin Fisher, and 618 Ben Lockwood for their patience, understanding, and subsequent acceptance of the explanation/decision made on the day.


General Positive Notes

  • The semi-finals meeting is perhaps the most pressure-packed of the year with so many drivers in two important races, all wanting to qualify for a place on the World Final grid, and all needing to be checked pre-meeting as well as get some on-track practise (where promotions permit).
  • Around 80% of the semi-finalists at St.Day were safety-checked and received some technical checks prior to the commencement of the on-track practise sessions, while the remaining 20% were completed before the mid-point of the sessions, thus affording all drivers the opportunity to take to the track for familiarisation.
  • The cooperation of all drivers resulted in a smooth pre-meeting process (as well as giving the assembled crowd something to look at on the infield), and is appreciated by the Autospeed team.
  • The post-races checks, and marking/sealing of engines, performed on the in-field immediately after each semi-final allowed the respective drivers to subsequently change wheels, tyres, shocks, springs and other components (as required for the changeable weather conditions) without issue. Once again, the cooperation of the drivers in leaving cars with the scrutineering team, and then promptly collecting them when required was appreciated by the Autospeed team.
  • The turnout of 71 cars set a new record for St.Day, and the attendance of drivers in the Royal Duchy, from all points North, South , East and West, was a very welcome sight. Thank you to all who attended.


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