2021 Benevolent Fund Championship

2021 BriSCA F2 Benevolent Fund Championship

Driver Eligibility and Grid Formation

The 2021 BriSCA F2 Benevolent Fund Championship race, to be held on Sunday 23rd May 2021 at Smeatharpe Stadium, Taunton, will feature a field of 32 cars.

The eligibility criteria for competing in the championship race, and the grid order, require some minor modifications in 2021 due to the ongoing impact of the Covid-19 pandemic affecting the normal qualification process. These modifications are intended to be a temporary change only for the 2021 staging of the event, and assuming a return to a normal racing season in 2022, qualification and grid composition will then revert back to that documented in the BriSCA F2 Regulations.

Driver eligibility and the formation of the grid for the 2021 BriSCA F2 Benevolent Fund Championshipwill be undertaken as follows:

Race Eligibility
32 drivers will compete for the championship title, made up as follows:
 The 28 highest graded drivers present and available at the meeting (irrespective of their position within the 2020 end-of-season, or current 2021 point charts), i.e. Superstars, thenred-tops, then blue-tops if required.
 4 “wild-card” drivers, being the top-4 point scorers from the Taunton meeting on Saturday 22ndMay 2021 who are not already pre-qualified in to the championship race by virtue of theirgrading position as one of the 28 seeds.

Grid Formation
Once the 32 qualifiers for the 2021 BriSCA F2 Benevolent Fund Championship race have been identified (as above), their grid positions for the race will be determined as follows:
 Qualifiers who raced in the 2020 season will be ordered by their 2020 season points total (asper the official list published on the BriSCA F2 website and in unloaded 7.3 issue 236), with the lowest points scorer at the front of the grid, and the highest points scorer at the rear of the grid.
 Qualifiers who did NOT race in the 2020 season (for whatever reason), and thus do not feature in the end-of-season points chart, will draw for a random position on the grid between rows 4 and 13 inclusive (i.e. positions 7 to 26 in the 32 car field).

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