2021 Championship Dates

Dates for BriSCA F2 Championship events in 2021 - further information will follow to update this page in due course

World   Skegness 4 September
Semis   Northampton 22 August
British   Buxton 4 July
World of Shale   Kings Lynn 21 August
European   Northampton   24/25 July
Ben Fund   Taunton 23 May
F2 Challenge   Crimond  26 June
Grand National   St Day 24 October (prov)
F2 Nationals   Nutts Corner 12 June
English Open   Bradford 17 July
Scottish   Cowdenbeath   27 June
Irish Open   Nutts Corner 13 June
UK Speedweekend   Skegness   10/11 July

Other significant events in 2020

First World QR   Bristol 3 May
Last World QR   Skegness   3 August
World Semi Final listings announced 4 August

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