2021 Grading Periods

Owing to the later start of racing for the 2021 season, it is necessary to revise the number of grading periods and their effective dates.


For season 2021 only, the following dates of grading periods will supersede those shown in Appendix B of the Rule Book:


Grading Period 1: 16 Apr to 20 Jun (inclusive) - grade changes effective from 1 Jul.

Grading Period 2: 21 Jun to 20 Jul (inclusive) - grade changes effective from 31 Jul.

Grading Period 3: 21 Jul to 20 Aug (inclusive) - grade changes effective from 1 Sep.

Grading Period 4: 21 Aug to 20 Sep (inclusive) - grade changes effective from 1 Oct.

Grading Period 5: 21 Sep to 28 Nov (inclusive) - grade changes effective from 1 Jan 2022.


Note that, because of the later start to racing in 2021, the season has been extended to 28 November.  This means that the meetings planned through until the end of November will score points towards the end-of-season grading list and towards the 2021 Novice of the Year championship and the relevant track championships.

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