Bradford - 13 November

Saturday 13th November ODSAL STADIUM 'FINALE'


BriSCA F1 National Series Finale + BriSCA F2 ' IN IT TO WIN IT 2021!'


With the recent announcement that the F2 National Series is suspended for this year due to the truncated season, Startrax have decided to create their own 'end of season' finale for BriSCA F2!


The Startrax £2000.00 'CHASE' ' CELEBRATING ODSAL' Championship - The BIG Race!


A prize fund of £2000.00 - could be more if sponsors wish to add!

Heats x 4 with £100.00 each to win

FINAL £1000.00 to win

PLUS £500.00 of Grade Awards - White, yellow, blue, red - £125.00 each to top points scorer bonus each grade


Bookings will open Monday 18th October 50 BriSCA F2's being accepted


Startrax are inviting also ' sponsors & fans for each race to ADD to the prize fund. Startrax aim to invite several drivers to the meeting from all parts of the UK.

More news to follow

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