BriSCA F2 Tyres - Season 2018

The price of the Yokohama A021R will remain at £55.00 (inclusive of VAT).

The price of the Yokohama RY818 has been set at £62.50 (inclusive of VAT).

As the quantity of supply of the Yokohama RY818 (to be used on the outside rear of all F2s for racing on shale and tarmac circuits) cannot be fully confirmed at this time, the introduction of this tyre has been staggered to the start of Easter – i.e. 30 March 2018.
This will be reviewed in mid-February, when a clearer picture will be available as to how soon tyres will be available, and the number of tyres that will be available.

It is hoped that the tyre will be available for drivers to purchase at the start of March, and drivers wishing to run the tyre at race meetings during March, ahead of the compulsory introduction on 30 March 2018, will be permitted to do so.

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