#LOVEF2S People’s Trophies

Following consultation with sponsors, drivers, and BriSCA F2, #LOVEF2S has taken the reluctant decision (in agreement with the hosting promoters) to postpone the People’s Trophies events until the 2022 BriSCA F2 season.

Fundamentally, these events are funded by fans (both individuals and businesses) through their very generous donations, and #LOVEF2S wishes to ensure as many spectators and drivers as possible can attend without government, safety, personal, or financial restrictions as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The truncated 2021 season already sees a number of unfortunate, but unavoidable clashing meetings. #LOVEF2S does not wish to put fans and drivers in a position of having to make tough choices based on logistics, personal safety, etc. with the proposed dates offered for the events. The choice of staging dates has been severely impacted by the UK and regional governments’ lock-down exit plans; the ability of drivers, fans and sponsors to travel, particularly early in the season, is still unclear and unconfirmed (especially those from Northern Ireland and mainland Europe).

Key parties with whom #LOVEF2S has spoken (some of the larger sponsors, drivers, and promoters) agree that these meetings should not be run just for the sake of it in 2021. A delay to 2022 will allow for solus scheduling as indicated by BriSCA F2, a more normal season (hopefully), and the potential realization of an even larger prize-fund beyond the original £10,000 advertised. #LOVEF2S appreciates some fans and drivers will be disappointed with the events not running in 2021, but there are many who believe it would be better to delay until 2022.

#LOVEF2S wishes to thank everyone who has contributed in any way to the prize-fund, large or small, and appreciates the support in making this difficult postponement decision. #LOVEF2S remains fully committed to these events and the sport of BriSCA F2 Stock Car Racing, and hopes that everyone will understand this decision and continue to help in the mission to increase the prize-fund for the competing drivers.

Zoe Simpson / Darren Foster

#LOVEF2S People’s Trophies

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