Mildenhall News

From RDC:

On the heels of a huge weekend of action and racing at Mildenhall Stadium during our annual One Wild Weekend event we would like to thank everyone for their incredible support in making the weekend such a successful and enjoyable one.

Despite falling on one of the busiest weekends of the season in our sport with many other major events elsewhere in our (and other) sports it was hugely heartening to see so many drivers, race cars and fans turn out to support both days of racing and quite remarkably we saw exactly 200 drivers compete during the course of the two days with 210 race cars in action across the weekend so a huge turnout which was always fantastic to see.

And we would also like to praise the drivers on the standard of racing throughout the weekend which we hope you will agree was of a very high standard with some tremendous stockcar and banger racing throughout the weekend. 

We would also like to praise all the RDC and stadium team for their huge efforts throughout what was undeniably a long weekend of racing. However we were pleased to complete the whopping 30 race programme over the weekend in little over 10 and a half hours. Normally we would have liked to have completed this programme in a little less time but feel that was always going to be unlikely both with the standard of the racing and also with the track conditions which were made tasking by the hot temperatures which meant a vast amount of watering was needed all weekend, especially on the Sunday afternoon and would like to thank everyone for their patience during these unavoidable breaks in the racing to ensure the conditions were safe for drivers and enjoyable for fans. 

With two massive days of racing both the RDC staff worked tremendously hard throughout to keep things running as smoothly as possible and also the stadium staff as well so huge thanks to them and it was pleasing to receive so many compliments from those who witnessed the levels of work which went into the track preparation in the very early hours of Sunday morning which again we hope you agree gave drivers a decent racing strip on Sunday despite the searing heat and previous days racing. 

We are also pleased to report that we are unaware of any issues off the raceway at any stage during the course of the weekend with very positive reports from inside the stadium again in the early hours of Sunday morning and again this continued good behaviour by all will allow these weekend events to continue and we are also pleased to report that no serious injuries were reported by any drivers during the weekend as well including Gary Ford who has confirmed he is ok after his extremely scary incident in the last F2 race of the weekend and we would again like publically thank Mark Sargent whose split second thinking and brave efforts helped avoid what could have been the most serious of incidents. 

Thanks again to everyone who supported and made One Wild Weekend what is was and we hope to see you again very soon. 
BriSCA F2 Stockcars White and Yellow Grade Series 
Here is an extended look at the BriSCA F2 Stockcar White and Yellow Grade Series after rounds five and six on July 26 and 27.

There is no just one qualifying round remaining on August 9 (the World Semi Final meeting on August 23 will not count owing to its unique format) and the top 28 drivers in the points will qualify for the series final which will be staged on September 27.

376 Darren Seneschall 86pts
145 Graham Mole 68
630 Justin Parker 68
431 Andy Gibbs 63
298 Jake Walker 62
449 Mark Dorrill 61
19 Martin Ford 57
448 John Wright 55
260 Anthony Winters 54
798 Mark Sargent 52
995 Michael Lund 51
994 Paul Hopkins 49
597 Barry Clow 43
81 Mark Clayton 40
372 Steve North 39
537 Tom Alsop 38
742 Nick Rogers 38
26 Gary Ford 35
150 Mark Thoms 35
417 Allan Weston 35
997 Oliver Ives 35
225 Tony Blackburn 34
259 Simon Farrington 33
743 Lee Armstrong 32
231 Matt Clayton 31
198 Paul Nicholson 30
423 Neil Darby 30
741 Luke Branston 29

724 Tom Pell 26
842 Ben Kerry 26
987 Sam Briggs 26
442 Graham Kerry 25
623 Rob Dobie 25
158 Will Clements 20
285 Tony Carter-Wright 20
728 Carl Pilkinton 20
954 Jamie Beere 18
366 Richy Kemp 16
523 Adam Darby 15
579 Neil Clarke 15
695 Shaun Russell 15
881 Graham Morrison 15
896 Adam Cockburn 15
918 Lee Wiles 15

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