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Initial bookings for BriSCA F2 Stockcars Mildenhall track championship round one  
As detailed previously, for the opening round of the BriSCA F2 Stockcar Mildenhall Track Championship on Saturday, March 22 we are looking to establish an entry list for the formula and are now compiling bookings with a hugely encouraging start to the entry list with over 40 cars already booked in. 

Typically at RDC with BriSCA F2 Stockcars we would not compile an entry list unless it was a championship fixture or a limited entry meeting and this meeting is neither. However considering the significance of the night with the unlimited banger BBA Supreme Championship having the potential to be one of the highlights of our season we felt it would help our promotion and planning of the event to establish an entry list for the stockcars as well. 

And as you can see from the initial entry below, not only are we already expecting good numbers but it is a very strong line up too with a fine combination of the established stars at Mildenhall and on shale, a number of new and rising stars and also a couple of surprising names as well. 

We have enjoyed some of the most wonderful and exciting open wheel stockcar racing from this formula at Mildenhall in recent times and after a near six month absence from the track we hope this will produce more of the same. 

While all drivers will be welcome on the night we would appreciate it if drivers planning on racing could book in for this meeting, this can be done either by e or phone 01268 412299 (ideally between 9.30am and 12.30pm Monday to Friday). 

A full preview of this meeting, including an interview with 151 Colin Alyward is available on the RDC website

English Open Champion
38 Dave Polley

Red Grade
124 Oliver Skeels
151 Colin Alyward
184 Aaron Vaight
615 Josh Coleman
702 Allan Cooper
732 Daz Kitson
871 Mark Simpson

Blue Grade
219 Chris Mitchell
377 Daz Shaw
380 Steve Cayzer
710 Brett Townsend
866 Bobby Griffin
887 Neil Brigg

Yellow Grade
19 Martin Ford
81 Mark Clayton
136 Kyle Taylor
145 Graham Mole
225 Tony Blackburn
231 Matt Clayton
259 Simon Farrington
260 Anthony Winters
290 Jay Tomkins
298 Jake Walker
442 Graham Kerry
448 John Wright
630 Justin Parker
742 Nick Rogers
798 Mark Sargent
994 Paul Hopkins

White Grade
158 Will Clements
372 Steve North
376 Darren Seneschall
417 Allan Weston
423 Neil Darby
431 Andy Gibbs
523 Adam Darby
579 Neil Clarke
623 Rob Dobie
645 Josh Mole
695 Shaun Russell
728 Carl Pilkinton
969 Bart Smeets
987 Sam Brigg
997 Oliver Ives

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