Rev Limiter - Mandatory Use Suspended

On 13 June, BriSCA F2 promoters met with a delegation of drivers from the BDF.

An assortment of topics were discussed, and these will be addressed and published in due course.

However, immediate notification is given that the mandatory use of the Rev Limiter for the Ford Pinto engine has been temporarily suspended, at the request of the BDF.

Since the introduction of the Rev Limiter on 1 June 2018, a number of drivers have experienced technical issues which are proving difficult to diagnose and resolve satisfactorily.  To date, no faults have been detected with the Rev Limiter itself; the issues that have arisen have been clearly linked with other components in the electrical system.  The BDF were eager to instil confidence in drivers that their concerns over the use of the Rev Limiter were being understood by BriSCA F2, and that led to the request for a temporary suspension.

It is further recognised that the majority of drivers who have fitted a Rev Limiter have not experienced any problems.  Drivers are encouraged to continue using the Rev Limiter, whilst electrical issues believed to relate to the compatability of components are addressed.

BriSCA F2 will welcome feedback from drivers as part of the process which aims to identify a solution to enable a return to mandatory use at a date to be advised.  Note, this date will be no earlier than 10 September 2018.

Further information will follow...

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