Rev Limiter Testing Update

Drivers are advised not to use the Pinto engine Rev. Limiter until further notice following the discovery of a failed component.

A significant step forward has finally been made in relation to resolving the issues that have arisen since the introduction of the Rev. Limiter on the Ford Pinto engine.

Since June 2018, a number of drivers have noted electrical issues that have arisen following the fitment of the Rev. Limiter.  Subsequently, a small number of Rev. Limiters have been returned to Omex, for testing, and in each case the Rev. Limiter has been found to be in full working order.

This week, a further test has been carried out on another Rev. Limiter.  Whilst the limiter itself was found to be in full working order, a fault has been identified with a failed input filter. As Omex have used thousands of these components during more than 20 years of operations, without ever encountering any such problem, they are keen to investigate this matter further.  The driver, whose Rev. Limiter was tested, has been requested to supply other components from his electrical system to facilitate further testing.

In the meantime, drivers should not use the Rev. Limiter on the Pinto engine.

Omex are exploring the possibility of producing a link wiring harness, to enable drivers to temporarily by-pass the Rev. Limiter without having to cut existing wiring.  Further details on this will be available soon.

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