Sheffield - 14 November

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After 27 years Jackie and I finally hang up our aprons and retire - An emotional and difficult decision and but for the passion of wishing to re open Odsal, we would have done so in 2019.

Over 600 events at too many tracks to recount and BriSCA F2 has been a big part of it and we have made many friends. We hope you will support our final event of 2021 which we have moved to Sheffield on SUNDAY 14th NOVEMBER at and, working with James Thackra who has consulted with drivers, we have a great prize package which is below.


If you have booked for Saturday, please can you re confirm for Sunday with Matthew - and bookings remain open. We hope you can support and share the day with us. We have worked this year with a new team that can take Sheffield and Bradford forward from 2022 and those plans are being finalised in the coming weeks. We care passionately about the sport, we have done our job in getting Odsal open - now it is about handing the reigns over to two people who also care about the sport and have much greater resource that they can invest and take both venues even further forward and security for the future - That's all we want and a legacy for the sport. In our sixties and life on the rollercoaster has taken it's toll certainly mentally and I do have to also consider Jackie too - It will be emotional for us, but it is also recognising the right 'Time to Say Goodbye' - our successors have great plans and investment. So, please if you can, get along and support us on track or off! THANK YOU for 27 years


Heats 50,30,l25,15,10,10,5,5,5,5


Final 500,220,100,50,40,30,25,15,10,5


£100 Grade Award white,yellow,blue,red


To all, we hope you will come and say goodbye, we want to end on a high note! We will still be around in 2021 supporting the new team and advising in different areas etc and hope to retain some future involvement in the sport I have loved with passion since 1967.

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