Spedeworth TV



This year we have setup a subscription channel called spedeworth.tv where we have been filming race meetings throughout the year and loading them up onto the channel for race fans to watch.

We have been covering all formulas at different venues across the country.

It’s still in its early stages but becoming a popular way of watching racing and is cost effective to those who were buying DVDs of every meeting. (£12 per month for all content)

The channel is not a live feed, but we get races up quickly, always within a week.

We also have a bonus features section where we have interviews and on-board cameras etc.

We are planning on doing many more behind the scenes for next year and other features. We are keen to show the lives behind the racing.

The channel can be watched on pretty much all platforms, mobile, computers, laptops and smart TVs. The back end of the channel is done through Vimeo who have an app which you download and then watch from there. Depending on the manufacturer of your smart tv you may need a chrome cast.

The channel does not lock you in to a long term subscription, you can roll on and off per month as you choose.

You can see our website here and follow the subscription information.

We also have a Facebook page too (see here)

The channel has a few aims - , help promote oval racing in general, give people an easy modern approach to watching and potentially reach new audiences. Help promote sponsors and hopefully encourage people to go and watch live at future events.

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