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World Finalists' Information

Saturday 4th September 2021

Dear World-Finalist,


Congratulations on your qualification for the 2021 BriSCA F2 World Championship Final, sponsored by Polleysport.


Detailed below is some useful information relating to the timetable of the day that will help both you and us run the meeting efficiently and ensure you, the crowd, and the Skegness Raceway team have an enjoyable time.





12:00                Pit gates open

12:00-15:30       Compulsory safety checks (Pit area)

·         World finalists do NOT need to be safety-checked prior to practise.

·         World finalists MUST be safety-checked prior to the public grid-walk at 15:30.

·         Do NOT leave safety checks until the last minute. There could be a queue, so DO IT EARLY.

12:00-15:30       Weighing (Pit area)

·         Calibrated scales will available for voluntary weighing checks.

·         Compulsory weighing WILL take place randomly during the day, AND post-race.

13:00-14:30       Free practise for World Finalists ONLY (On-track)

14:45-15:15       Overseas Drivers' Time Trials (On-track)

·         ALL cars MUST present in race trim, in accordance with the regulations, as expected to race.

·         ALL cars WILL be weighed following time-trials.

15:15-15:30       Grid-Walk line up (Track)

·         ALL drivers/teams MUST help in the process of lining their cars up for the grid-walk.

·         ALL World-Finalists cars MUST take part in the grid-walk.

·         ALL cars MUST be in race trim, in accordance with the regulations, ready to race.

·         Cars will NOT be permitted to return to transporters following the grid-walk – they WILL proceed directly to parc-fermé.

15:30-16:30       Public grid-walk (Track)

16:30                Cars escorted from the grid to the parc-fermé area (Track/Pits)

·         ALL teams MUST help in the process of moving cars from the track to the parc-fermé area, as directed by officials.

·         Cars will be randomly selected for weighing prior to entering parc-fermé.

·         Once a car has entered parc-fermé, team members MUST leave the area and will NOT be permitted to return to the car until it is required to grid for the World Final.

·         NO further adjustments will be permitted.

16:30-18:30       Technical Inspection (in Parc-fermé)

·         Cars will be visually inspected in the parc-fermé area by licensed scrutineers.

·         Should any car require action in order to conform to the regulations, it will be moved to the entrance of parc-fermé where any necessary adjustment can be made under supervision/observation.

·         Drivers MUST ensure their car conforms to the regulations PRIOR to the public grid-walk.

18:00                Racing starts (Track)

Additional Notes:


  • Drivers may expect the random fuelling of cars, as per the regulations, but should ensure their car is in race-condition (with fuel) prior to the public grid-walk.
  • Drivers selected for fuelling will be required to supply their own fuel container into which any residual fuel will be drained.


Weather/Changing Conditions

  • IF the weather conditions change significantly from the time cars are gridded on track for the public grid-walk, and subsequently moved to parc-fermé (and thus no further changes are permitted), to the time of the race, then drivers/teams WILL be given the opportunity to make some appropriate limited setup changes prior to racing.
  • Any changes MUST be made on the track during the time slot permitted by the steward/promotion. Parc-fermé will NOT be opened up to teams.
  • Teams will be permitted to change the following:
    • Wheels/tyres
    • Shock absorber damping
    • Shock absorber spring-platform height
    • Anti-roll bar connection/settings
    • Axle steer
  • The removal/replacement of shock absorbers and/or springs, and/or any other bolt-on components will NOT be permitted.



  • Mechanics entering the track area MUST be wearing suitable overalls.


Post-Race Process

  • The top finishers, plus other randomly selected cars WILL be weighed post-race.
  • The World Final winner will retire from the meeting and their car taken to the workshop for post-race checks.
  • The cars placed 2nd to 5th will initially remain on the infield at the conclusion of the World Final where the scrutineering team will undertake some preliminary checks and marking/sealing as required. Once complete, the drivers placed 2nd to 5th will be free to compete in the remainder of the meeting.
  • Once post-race checks have been completed on the winning car, the cars of the 2nd and 3rd placed finishers will be required in the workshop area for their checks (once they have completed their races).
  • The 4th and 5th placed cars must NOT leave the stadium until permission is granted by the scrutineering team.



  • Immediately following the World Final presentations, photographs, and victory laps, ALL trophies MUST be returned to the officials.
  • Drivers will be reunited with their trophies on successful completion of post-race checks.



Please feel free to ask any questions if you are unsure of anything.

Good luck in the race, race safely, and respect you fellow competitors and officials.


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