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Micro F2s News


You can pay for a Micro BriSCA F2 StockCar licence via the online shop here

To book in for a meeting, please email microf2@briscaf2.com

  • 07/08: Technical Matters

    Technical Matters

    BriSCA F2 Micro Stock Cars #8 James Owen

  • 13/07: Micro F2 Technical Update - Engines

    Micro F2 Technical Update - Engines

    BriSCA F2 can confirm that the next batch of Micro Stock Car PD170 Engines (sealed, correct jets, spark plug, etc) will be £370 including VAT.

  • 13/07: Micro F2 Technical Documents

    Micro F2 Technical Documents

    The 2018 Technical Specification for Micro F2s is available to download as well as the latest Technical Engine Update

  • 07/02: Micro F2 Spare Parts

    Micro F2 Spare Parts

    The latest price list for Micro F2 spare parts has been published (last updated 1st Feb 2018)

  • 30/01: Micro F2 Fixtures

    Micro F2 Fixtures

    2018 Fixtures for Micro F2s have been published

  • 22/01: Micro F2 Licence Application

    Micro F2 Licence Application

    The 2018 application form for Micro F2s is available to download

  • 17/01: Micro F2 Booking Procedure for 2018

    Micro F2 Booking Procedure for 2018

    BriSCA F2 will not be operating a central booking system for Micro F2 Stock Cars in 2018.

  • 27/10: BriSCA Micro Stock Car Update

    BriSCA Micro Stock Car Update

    An update regarding BriSCA Micro F2's has been published

  • 07/10: BriSCA Micro F2 Bookings

    BriSCA Micro F2 Bookings

    The latest Micro F2 Bookings have been published/updated and are availavble via the Next Meetings panel on the left hand side.

  • 13/09: Micro F2 Lelystad

    Micro F2 Lelystad

    Leylstad, Holland Sunday 14 October. Please note that BriSCA F2 is initially permitting 6 UK drivers to have bookings for this meeting.

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