2022 National Points Series

2022 BriSCA F2 National Points Series Championship (NPSC)




·         The 2022 BriSCA F2 National Points Series Championship (NPSC), for the silver roof, will see the emphasis placed on point scoring, but with a reduced travelling commitment, especially in the latter part of the year when funds and energy levels are running low.

·         Certain elements of recent “National Series” and the historical “National Points Championship” competitions have been preserved in order to retain intrigue and interest right through to the conclusion of the racing season, while recognising that wining the silver roof requires a level of commitment throughout the season.

·         Significant discussion has taken place between promoters, officials, and drivers, augmented by feedback garnered from previous series and through social media appeals, to produce an appropriate competition.

·         Drivers will earn a spot through qualification in the first part of the season, and then race for the title in the second part.




·         Drivers will score National Points, as per the BriSCA F2 regulations, up to and including 20th August 2022, the cut-off date for the September grading list. This is referred to as the Points-Qualification season.

·         The top 12 scoring UK drivers in the National Points table, following the 20th August cut-off date, will automatically become part of the NPSC, and thus compete for the title of BriSCA F2 National Points Series Champion, and the right to wear the silver roof for the following season. This is referred to as the NPSC Post-Season.

Points to Note

·         There will be NO seeding of drivers in to the NPSC based on previous achievements, or one-off championships; the series is based on a level of commitment to race through the season, as befitting the silver roof.

·         There is no requirement to race at a set number of meetings, or specific tracks/events, during the Points- Qualification part of the season.


NPSC Post-Season

Series Rounds

·         The NPSC Post-Season will be run over a 7-round series comprised of the following fixtures:






Sat 17 Sep




Sat 24 Sep




Sun 2 Oct




Sun 9 Oct




Sat 22 Oct

Kings Lynn



Sat 29 Oct




Sat 12 Nov


Shale (Series Finale - Double Points)


·         All NPSC qualified drivers will automatically be assigned a Superstar grade for the series rounds only.

Points Scoring

·         A separate NPSC points table will be maintained solely for the 12 drivers qualified for the NPSC, with all 12 drivers starting on zero points.

·         Series drivers will only score NPSC points at the 7 designated series rounds.

·         All drivers, across all grades, including the 12 NPSC drivers, will continue to score National Points, as normal, for grading and track-championship purposes at ALL meetings during the NPSC Post-Season.

·         The driver with the most NPSC points at the end of Round 7 will be declared the 2022 National Points Series Champion, and will earn the right to wear the silver roof for the 2023 season.


Driver Remuneration

·         The winner of the NPSC will receive a prize of £2,000.

·         Each driver competing in the series will be awarded appearance money.

·         The entire series will see driver rewards totalling over £10,000.


Further Information

·         More detailed information, including the full appearance and prize money schedules, point-scoring, and qualification tie-breakers, will be published in the April edition of the BriSCA F2 Drivers’ Newsletter, sent to all registered drivers.

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