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  • 24/04: Micro F2 Technical Documents

    Micro F2 Technical Documents

    The 2019 Technical Specification section for Micro F2s has been updated with new information

  • 23/04: Crimond Bookings

    Crimond Bookings

    Any drivers wishing to book in for Crimond Raceway, please email

  • 23/04: Grading List

    Grading List

    The F2 Grading List effective from 1st May 2019 has been published.

  • 18/04: Race Winner Starting Positions

    Race Winner Starting Positions

    The wording regarding the requirement for race winners to start at the rear of their grade for subsequent races at a meeting has unfortunately been omitted from the current Rule Book.

  • 18/04: Grade Changes - 1st May 2019

    Grade Changes - 1st May 2019

    BriSCA F2 Stock Cars Grade Changes – effective 1st May 2019

  • 10/04: Season 2019 Points

    Season 2019 Points

    Following recent meetings, various championship points charts have been updated.

  • 10/04: Additional Fixtures

    Additional Fixtures

    At a meeting of Brisca f2 Promoters held on Tuesday April 9th, permission was granted for three extra F2 fixtures.

  • 09/04: Buxton News

    Buxton News

    Bookings for the first BriSCA F2 meeting at this years World Final venue, Buxton Raceway are open now, the date is Monday 22nd April.

  • 03/04: Skegness - Good Friday 19 April

    Skegness - Good Friday 19 April

    News regarding 19 April at Skegness has been updated

  • 03/04: Birmingham Road Closures

    Birmingham Road Closures

    Racegoers are reminded of road closures near Birmingham Wheels, ahead of the F2 World QR on 6 April

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