Latest News

  • 15/01: Prop-Shaft Covers

    Prop-Shaft Covers

    Clarity regarding the prop-shaft cover requirements for 2020

  • 14/01: ORCi Rules of Racing

    ORCi Rules of Racing

    The Oval Racing Council have announced amendments to the “Rules of Racing"

  • 10/01: 2020 Fixtures

    2020 Fixtures

    Information regarding early season fixtures for 2020

  • 06/01: Micro F2 Technical Documents

    Micro F2 Technical Documents

    The Technical Specification section for Micro F2s has been updated with new information

  • 03/01: Wheel-guard Evaluation

    Wheel-guard Evaluation

    In response to proposals received, BriSCA F2 wishes to invite a small number of registered drivers to apply for permission to design, construct, trial, and provide feedback during 2020 on the possible use of NZ-Superstock / V8-HotStox style wheel-guards (constructed from SHS/RHS).

  • 03/01: Zetec 1.8-Litre Engine Test Programme

    Zetec 1.8-Litre Engine Test Programme

    BriSCA F2 is investigating the potential use of the 1.8-litre variant of the Zetec engine alongside the current 2.0-litre.

  • 02/01: Kings Lynn - 29 February

    Kings Lynn - 29 February

    Info regarding bookings for the Kings Lynn meeting on 29 February

  • 19/12: Technical & Licence Files Updates

    Technical & Licence Files Updates

    The Technical Information section has been updated with new/amended information. (Now includes 2020 Licence Application Form and 2020 Technical Regulations)

  • 18/12: Micro F2 Licence Application

    Micro F2 Licence Application

    The 2020 application form for Micro F2s and the VIN Log Book Registration form are available to download.

  • 16/12: 2020 Championship Dates

    2020 Championship Dates

    Details of BriSCA F2 Championships and other significant events in 2020, have been updated.

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