National Series 2017 Qualifiers



488 Liam Bentham, Ormskirk, Lancashire.Liam set himself the target of racing at all of the sixteen World qualifying rounds in 2017, a target he attained as well as succeeding in finishing top of the qualifying points table.  This achievement has earned him his place in the National Series.  Has 6 heat wins from 24 appearances but has not been very active on the race tracks of late. 488-2017
184 Aaron Vaight, Ormskirk, Lancashire.Used to divide his racing pretty much equally between tarmac and shale but in 2017 his appearances on the loose have been much more infrequent.  Aaron has 3 heats and 2 final wins from 23 appearances up to 20 August. 184r-2017
142 Jonathan Hadfield, Buxton, Derbyshire.Jonathan is in his first season of F2 racing and made the jump from white to superstar after the opening grading period.  He has maintained red grade until this month despite having had more than his fair share of car problems but for which he would be much higher than his August placing of 21st in the points.  9 heats and 1 final win from 34 appearances. 142s-2017
615 Josh Coleman, Rochdale, Lancashire.Josh was the first qualifier to be invited to take part in the series when he won the English Open championship at Stoke in April.  4 heat wins and 3 final wins from his 26 appearances he will be looking to score heavily in the shale rounds. 615-2017
905 Rob Mitchell, Colne, Lancashire.Virtually ever-present at shale meetings, Rob has earned his place in the series by finishing second in the shale points as at 20 August.  Occasionally dabbles on the tarmac but will be hoping to score heavily on the loose to keep up his challenge.  5 heat wins this season from 24 appearances. 905s-2017
581 Dan Fallows, Biddulph, Staffordshire.Largely a tarmac racer but occasionally appears on shale, most often at his local track, Stoke.  5 heat wins from 29 appearances, he qualifies for the series via his 17th place in the National Points. 581-2017
817 Tim Bailey, Swadlincote, Derbyshire.Tim qualifies via his 15th place in the points and has 3 race wins to his credit in 2017 – all of them final wins.  32 appearances as at 20 August, his preference is for the tarmac but he has been putting in some appearances on the shale recently. 817-2017
606 Andrew Palmer, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire.Andrew is one of the most successful shale drivers of the past decade or so and picks up occasional successes on tarmac as well.  Although big race wins have eluded him of late he is well capable of winning everything on shale in this series so cannot be ruled out.  9 heats and 2 finals from 45 appearances and a 14th place in the National Points. 606x-2017
700 Adam Rubery, Brierley Hill, West Midlands.Adam has qualified through his 13th placing in the National Points  Almost exclusively a tarmac racer, all that could change with his recent acquisition of the ex-Micky Brennan shale car.  4 heat and 2 final wins from just 25 appearances in 2017. 700x-2017
618 Ben Lockwood, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.Ben’s route to qualifying for the series was via 10th place on the August grading list and he has 10 heat wins from 40 appearances.  There are few races where he doesn’t finish so expect him to pick up plenty of points from consistent placings.  Has been racing an Andrew Palmer shale car to good effect in recent weeks. 618s-2017
560 Luke Wrench, Crewe, Cheshire.Another driver who is prepared to use the bumper to good effect, Luke has qualified via his 9th place in the National Points.  10 heat and 3 final wins this season from 34 appearances including a number on shale, where he has occasional flashes of brilliance to match his undoubted ability on the tarmac. 560x-2017
101 Kelvyn Marshall, Macclesfield, Cheshire.The 2015 World champion has cut back his racing a little, recently and his 33 appearances in 2017 have produced 3 heat wins and 1 final.  More at home on tarmac these days but back in his early days of racing – 20 plus years ago now – he was known for his shale racing and a dogged refusal to move over for anyone.  Qualifies by virtue of 8th place in the points. 101x-2017
527 James Riggall, Skegness, Lincolnshire.James is having his best season to date in terms of race wins and he has reached superstar grade for the first time.  He qualified by virtue of his seventh place in the National Points and has 15 heat and 2 final wins from his 36 appearances.  Few are faster than James on tarmac where he will gain the bulk of his points in this series but has been seen on the shale a few times of late. 527-2017
38 Dave Polley, Manea, Cambridgeshire.Dave is another driver with multiple qualification for this series – he is third in the National Points and took great delight in beating several of the pre-race favourite Scots to win the Nationals championship at the Racewall in August.  He has 4 heat and 6 final wins from 46 appearances in 2017.  In a series where all points count, anyone passing him should watch their mirrors on the next bend. 38x-2017
7 Gordon Moodie, Windygates, Fife.Taking the fifteen NS qualifiers in order from the September grading list, the current National Points champion is at position number one.  That, in itself, would qualify Gordon for the series but, just for good measure he also won the 2017 Benevolent Fund championship as well as finishing the World qualifying table in second place.  His race wins in 2017 total 23 heat wins and 11 finals from his 49 appearances. (All race details are as at 20 August).  His pedigree on tarmac is unquestionable and his willingness to reacquaint himself, with some success, on shale this season will stand him in good stead.  But will his ranking as the number one favourite for the title make him a marked man among his competitors? 7WF-2017

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