BriSCA F2 is Europe's Largest Short Oval Formula

Over 500 Drivers, more than 25 Tracks, and in excess of 200 meetings per season from the North of Scotland to the South West of England, and across Mainland Europe and Northern Ireland. BriSCA F2 is the largest Single seater motor sport in Europe.

BriSCA F2 Stock Cars offer fast, spectacular race action, as drivers push, shove and hit one another out of the way, in pursuit of glory. 25 to 40 cars on a small 1/4 mile tarmac or shale tracks leads to very exciting racing.

The Value of BriSCA F2

With over 500 drivers that means 500+ cars, 500+ transporter/tow vehicle, over 4000 wheels & tyres, spares etc. At a very low estimate each driver has a package of over £25,000. Add that together and the sport is worth well over 12 MILLION POUNDS! To give you an idea of the spending power of BriSCA F2. I took the travelling of 205 drivers over 3 weeks in July 2013; they travelled over 98000 miles to 9 events, now that figure does not include the Irish & European drivers that also attended those events. At a very low average of a cost of 25p a mile that's over £24500 in 3 weeks! At a very low estimate that is over £8000 a week. The BriSCA F2 season runs from March to November, approx 37 weeks that's over £300000 a year on road fuel never mind fuel for the racing car!

2014 stats: 392 mainland (not including Irish & European ) drivers raced at 171 meetings, with an average of 31 drivers per event.

And remember BriSCA F2 Stock Car Racing is seen by more people in the UK than Touring Cars - FACT!

BriSCA F2 can offer you a very affordable way to target new & current markets both in the motor industry and the general public at large.

The first step of which is the very affordable BriSCA F2 Partnership

BriSCA F2 Partnership, this can offers the following benefits at a very reasonable cost.

A 2016 BriSCA F2 official partner can be entitled to:

An advert on the BriSCA F2 website the website gets approx 2500 hits per day!
A link from the BriSCA F2 website to their own website
Describe themselves as an official BriSCA F2 partner
An advert in the BriSCA F2 Rules and Regulations book
A reference to their contact details in the BriSCA F2 fixture list
A listing in unloaded 7.3 (full colour A4 Magazine covering F2 & Saloon Stock Cars)
A listing in BriSCA F2 Champioship meeting programmes
Discounted Advertising Rates in unloaded 7.3
Dealership to sell official BriSCA F2 merchandise
Entry into official draw to be named sponsor of BriSCA F2 National Points Championship
Entry into official draw to be named sponsor of BriSCA F2 Novice of the Year Championship

Here are some of BriSCA F2's Major Sponsors
Yokohama Tyres
Are the Official Tyre of BriSCA F2 for 2015/6, for both track & road. Yokohama HPT Ltd are UK distributors of passenger car, 4x4 and race tyres. Supplying to the retail trade, Yokohama HPT Ltd have built their products into market leading brands, enjoying particular success in the high performance car sector. The UK supplier of Yokohama racing tyres are Polleysport.

Teng Tools
Are the Official Tool Supplier to BriSCA F2 for 2015/6. Teng Tools are named after an all conquering Japanese folk hero from the 12th Century this symbol stood for power and control and that is why our quality guaranteed tools are named after him. With over 20 years experience and customers in more than 30 countries. Teng Tools has become the preferred choice for major industrial users, top names in motoring and mechanics and engineers who are looking for excellent service, value for money & optimal quality. From motor racing and sailing teams to offshore oil rigs and government departments Teng Tools make a habit of 'Working with Winners'

There is a wide variety of Sponsorship packages available with BriSCA F2. Most packages can be tailor made to a sponsor's needs but some typical opportunities are listed below:

Championship Sponsorship
All Championship & Major Meetings are available for Sponsorship

The World Championship Series involves rounds at over 20 tracks. With the top 50 point scorers taking part in two Semi Finals. In 2016, the World Semi Finals are being held at the Adrian Flux Arena, King's Lynn. With the top 10 from each Semi going forward to the World Championship Final, being held at Mildenhall Stadium. Add in drivers from Northern Ireland, Europe etc and you will have one of the best fields of driver seen all year. 

The British Championship is the oldest of all F2 Championships, and is run over a number of Heats to determine a grid for the Championship. The 2016 event is being staged at the Nutts Corner Raceway, Belfast. N Ireland.

The European Championship is one of the best attended meetings of the year with over 100 drivers taking part over the weekend. The 2016 event will be held at Northampton International Raceway.

The Grand National Championship, is a season-long event with a round at just about every BriSCA F2 meeting with the Championship Final lining up in points order. The 2016 GN Championship is being held at the Barford Raceway

There are various other Championships that are available for Sponsorship including:
The Scottish Championship, being held at the Cowdenbeath Racewall in 2016
The English Open, being held at Coventry Stadium in 2016
The UK Open, being held at Skegness in 2016
The World of Shale, being held at Belle Vue Stadium, Manchester in 2016

Hospitality can also be arranged for all venues. Some venues already have hospitality suites, others can be brought in on a temporary basis.

BriSCA F2 PR Girls are available to help with trophy presentation, photo opportunities etc via 4FS Marketing

TV coverage on Sky Sports or Motors TV can also be arranged as part of a sponsorship package.

All meeting are available for Sponsorship please email here for more info or phone Paul Brown on 07971 565059

Website Advertising with over 1/2 million visitors per year this can be a very useful advertising tool.

Programme Adverts are available, in all meeting programmes, in individual track programmes, or just one-off fixtures.

Banner/Hoarding Advertising can be arranged at all venues, at individual meetings, or per season.

Individual Driver Sponsorship can also be arranged please contact Paul Brown for details.

BriSCA F2 are also interested in attending various events out with our normal remit, shopping centres, fetes, other sporting events etc. If you have an event you would like BriSCA F2 to attend please contact us.

For more information please feel free to contact Paul Brown on 07971 565059 or email

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